Brand New Website Design!

We at EpicHosts are proud to announce a complete rehaul of our website design. It has been 7 years since our last website design change. We love this new design and we hope you love it as much as we do!

To celebrate our new design, get 10% OFF on all orders made by new clients - recurring! When placing an order, use the coupon code '10OFF' to receive the discount.

This new design matches the current year of 2021's modern, responsive and smooth look that clients and visitors enjoy in a website of this era, as we also boast all the latest HTML features such as:

  • Bootstrap
  • HTML5
  • jQuery
  • A Revolution slider
  • Mobile friendly
  • And many more!

We have made sure that the new design offers the same if not a better layout with most of the same text still available, with minor revisions, to ensure that our website is still easy-to-use for a visitor with any knowledge whilst giving it a whole new modern look.

We are also excited to introduced a few brand new features that we are offering to the public at no extra charge:

  • Better aligned plans and layouts. For example, VPSes now have a list rather than a block for each product, making it easier to go through. When viewing from a mobile, the list will be converted into blocks however they will show in a very pleasing way - have a look for yourself!
  • A news/blog with announcements, news, guides & anything else we feel would be nice to share for everyone to see!

In the past year EpicHosts have accomplished many implementations, whilst continuing to thrive the best service and support. We have introduced Discord support, added this whole new blog, improved our FAQ & Guides as well as including videos with them, and we are eagerly looking to convert our VPS from HDD to SSD - stay tuned for an update in the future about that!

Thank you for reading and we welcome any comments or suggestions through any of our social platforms or support methods about our new website design.

If you are looking for Website Hosting, VPS Hosting, Game Server Hosting or Radio Server Hosting - give us a try! Contact us today to receive an unbeatable quote and start a whole new project with us today, or transfer your current one to us!